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Today was fairly busy with housework and kitten rampages, but we fit in some quality time for snugs. Eventually, I got off my duff and cleaned the house, and Oscar grew some more, so it was quite a productive day. More adventures tomorrow! In the meantime, enjoy some rampage footage.

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Nobody likes Friday meetings unless food is involved. We had two this morning, and food was not involved, so our opinion was this. But then we got to have lunch with Brian, and Friday is noodle day, so our opinion changed to this. I’d say it’s been a good day.

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Oscar has been exploring the house more each day and has even conquered the guest bedroom (also known as The Princess Room because of the Disney light switch plate it had when we moved in). He likes to go hide on that bed when I vacuum, probably because it’s a tall bed and I do…

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Yes! Snuggage has occurred! I walked into the living room after my workout to see this going on. We figured Nutter would be the first to snug the little guy, but there was no telling how long the adjustment period would be. I was so thrilled to find them together like that, so I went…

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Oscar has very metal tendencies. I’m not yet sure if that’s a good thing or not.

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Oscar’s squeaky vocals and my own thick, sick rhythms. It was inevitable that we’d collaborate on a new masterpiece.

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Ground all outbound air traffic! We’ve had an incident. Domestic terrorism may be involved.

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Oscar flexes his authority around the house. He tells Arnold to get to the chopper. When the Delorean hits 88mph, it waits for him. Once he pops, he CAN stop.

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It’s FRIIIIIDAAAAAAAAY! It’s cold and my dinner just came off the burner and I am going to eat. I might add more later but just in case.. here’s a kitten pic of the day!

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It’s Throwback Thursday! Set your wayback machine to 2000 and let’s party!

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