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KPotD #365: A Year of Insanity

And just like that, it’s been 365 days. A year ago, we brought home a tiny ball of fuzz and hiss who hid behind the dryer and under the recliner while he got his bearings. He took to us pretty quickly, though. Here he is on Day 1, perched on my shoulder a couple of […]

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KPotD #363: Rodent Guardian

Udo and Stan joined us for our photo shoot this morning and Oscar was hard put to defend his mouse from both fronts. Udo doesn’t chew on the mice, but he does occasionally pick them up and run off with them, so Oscar had a valid concern here. Meanwhile, Stan was more interested in enjoying […]

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KPotD #362: Monster Under the Bed

Lately when I can’t find Oscar, I go check under the bed. It’s become his go-to fort for when the dog is being too stompy or loud, but tonight he was just hanging out under there for funsies. I like how his laser eyes came out different colors in this shot. What a little fruit […]

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KPotD #361: Sleepy Face

I accidentally woke Oscar from his morning nap and his expression was so cute I had to capture it. He has the sweetest sleepy face I’ve ever seen. Granted, it was quickly morphing into a Class A Stinkeye because I woke him up, but it’s still cute. He’d been rampaging from window to window trying […]

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KPotD #356: Small Patrol

Oscar spent the afternoon on patrol and this time managed to avoid canine turf invasion. I made the mistake of bumping into the blinds while coming in to take the picture and he thought we were under attack. I’ve already had to hide the cords for opening the blinds because he thinks they’re super fun […]

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