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CPotD #191: Zonked

Oscar tends to sleep pretty hard, especially when he’s snugging. For some reason this often entails a modified faceplant, as shown below. I’ve seen cats sleep on their faces with their foreheads flat against the surface (Nutterbutter does that), but I’ve never seen one sleep on his nose until Oscar. He is… unique.

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CPotD #186: Just Fluffy Things

I had an interview yesterday and was gone for a couple of hours. I returned to a frantic dog and a trio of indifferent cats. Nutterbutter was unimpressed, as usual. He couldn’t be bothered to get up and say hi, but he was looking extra cute. I provided pets before snapping a picture of his […]

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CPotD #185: Soft and Judgey

Oscar likes to judge us from the counter when we aren’t providing pets in a timely manner. He gets extra judgey when I take pictures instead of providing said pets. He did get pets immediately after the picture because I’m not a monster. You can see how lush his fur has become as he’s matured. […]

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