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CPotD #195: Nap King

Unlike Oscar, Nutterbutter is a little more selective about where he’ll sleep. He’s into hidden forts these days, but he’ll occasionally opt for a more sunny spot. Brian got this nice shot of him enjoying the afternoon light on the back of the couch. He’s a rumpled old contrarian, but he’s still a lovebug and […]

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CPotD #186: Just Fluffy Things

I had an interview yesterday and was gone for a couple of hours. I returned to a frantic dog and a trio of indifferent cats. Nutterbutter was unimpressed, as usual. He couldn’t be bothered to get up and say hi, but he was looking extra cute. I provided pets before snapping a picture of his […]

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CPotD #166: Scuffed Sunday

Sunday is generally our rest day to catch up on vegetating and other fun stuff we want to do, like baking. Brian has a couple of delicious sourdough projects going today. I’ve been helping him out and had to pause for an impromptu photo op with our older boys. These two generally avoid each other, […]

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