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  • CPotD #502: Kitchen Supervisor by Heather Landis

    Udo likes to keep an eye on us while we cook, both because he loves us and because we might drop food. He finally found the best vantage point.

    He can see the stove from there without getting underfoot, so everyone is happy. Now all he needs is extra cheese.

Some Critter Pic of the Day History:

Just shy of 20 years ago, I adopted a fuzzy little Siamese kitten. The internet was new. The community Heather and I had first crossed paths in was slowly fading away. A number of users made their own little forums in the wild west of the digital age, and I was no exception.

Everyone had their own angle, but no one had what I had: a fuzzy kitten and a digital camera. I shamelessly used both to keep people coming to my board, as my online circle of friends was largely female and totally enamored with the fuzzy kitten. Heather, who also had a digital camera, gleefully documented her cats to share with me and the world, as well.

The original Citadel is long gone, but its spirit lives on here. In 2019, we adopted a new fuzzy kitten. We have digital cameras, and we have a website. We revived the Kitten Pic of the Day, vowing to post once a day for a year. After the year was up, Heather wanted to keep going, so she morphed it to the Critter Pic of the Day and included our other pets.

Now… dive in!

The CPotD archive is going to grow a lot as the days turn to weeks, the weeks turn to months, the months turn to years, and the years turn to decades, so I’ve added jump menus to help you skip from year to year and month to month. In time, this will be a haven of kittens, cats, puppies, dogs, fish, and god knows what else for you to shelter in as you take a brief refuge from the outside world.

We’ve already got over 100 250 500 posts archived for you to binge on!

— The Ork and The Cat

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Last 30 Critter Posts:

  • CPotD #502: Kitchen Supervisor (6/18/2021) - Udo likes to keep an eye on us while we cook, both because he loves us and because we might drop food. He's found the best vantage point.
  • CPotD #501: New Bag (6/17/2021) - Stanley lives to lay regally on bags of all shapes, sizes, and textures. He goes through phases with each bag and then retires to a new type.
  • CPotD #500: Escape Artist (6/16/2021) - A certain little tuxedo cat decided he likes to run out the patio door at every opportunity. He hops daintily away and makes us chase him.
  • CPotD #499: Here to Help (6/15/2021) - Udo dislikes the vacuum cleaner and steam mop, but he loves having clean floors. He follows me at a distance and then poses in the pristine.
  • CPotD #498: The Rug (6/14/2021) - Oscar loves our kitchen door rug. I believe he would claim it regardless of where it is, but he super loves it being in the big sun patch.
  • CPotD #497: Birding (6/13/2021) - A vibrant flock of finches lives in our neighborhood, along with sparrows, titmice, and hummingbirds. Stanley appreciates the bountiful view.
  • CPotD #496: Nah (6/12/2021) - A master of adding insult to injury, Nutterbutter stole my chair while I was writing a post about him. He had zero intention of returning it.
  • CPotD #495: Yes, Hello (6/11/2021) - "We would like one cheese, please." They were watching Brian cook breakfast and waiting for their rightful tribute: cheese. I complied.
  • CPotD #494: Early Snugs (6/10/2021) - Oscar created a sleep-snug routine as a kitten and he has stuck to it ever since. He loves to try and prevent us from getting out of bed.
  • CPotD #493: Rumpled Thief (6/9/2021) - Nutterbutter thinks all my chairs are his, so he gets annoyed when I beat him to a seat. This is his grumpy face for me stealing my own chair.
  • CPotD #492: Watchful Dozer (6/8/2021) - Udo sleeps a lot while we're busy in the home office, but he tries to stay awake and on top of things. His sleepy face is the cutest.
  • CPotD #491: Tuxedo Sphinx (6/7/2021) - I caught Oscar displaying an excellent sphinx pose while murdering his milk top. He had stopped to menace the doves in the back yard.
  • CPotD #490: Happy Kitchen Boy (6/6/2021) - Udo likes the new house. Even though it's smaller, it has lots of open spaces for him to flop in and smile at me while I do chores.
  • CPotD #489: He Fits, He Sits, He Steals (6/5/2021) - In his continuing campaign of thievery and grumpiness, Nutterbutter stole Udo's bed and claimed the entire thing. No one has contested.
  • CPotD #488: Excuse You (6/4/2021) - Stanley spends a lot of time in his kitchen fort these days (i.e., the chairs under the table). All of the chairs belong to him. No brothers.
  • CPotD #487: Don’t Even (6/3/2021) - Oscar enjoys an audience while he murders his toys, but he makes sure we aren't going to steal any of those toys. Note the side-eye here.
  • CPotD #486: Requesting Access (6/2/2021) - Nutterbutter has a process for snugging us, and it begins with requesting access. He sits next to one of us and applies The Look.
  • CPotD #485: Ultrasnug (6/1/2021) - We've been binging The Expanse lately because I'm too tired to do anything brainful by the time I get home. Oscar approves of this activity.
  • CPotD #484: Nose Nibbles (5/31/2021) - Udo considers washing us to be one of his sacred duties. He especially loves to wash my face, and when he does, he has to nibble my nose.
  • CPotD #483: Lunch Pals (5/30/2021) - Not to be outdone by Oscar, Nutterbutter joined the lunch delay squad this week. He likes to keep Brian company while I'm at work. So smug.
  • CPotD #482: Unrepentant (5/29/2021) - Stanley taught Oscar the joys of cardboard destruction when he was a tiny kitten. Oscar has raised the hobby to an artform.
  • CPotD #481: No Lunch, Only Snugs (5/28/2021) - Brian sends me pictures during the work day to let me know how things are going at the house. During lunch, they're usually going like this.
  • CPotD #480: Helpful Boy (5/27/2021) - Udo loves to help take me to the office. He does not love dropping me off and coming home without me, but Brian has been working with him.
  • CPotD #479: Two-Tiered Cute (5/26/2021) - I've been working at the office a lot the past couple of weeks, and the beasts are taking it well. They grump, but they also snooze cutely.
  • CPotD #478: Hacker Cat (5/25/2021) - Stanley takes exception to me using my computers lately. His solution is to wedge himself onto or between them to prevent me powering up.
  • CPotD #477: He Fits, He Sits (5/24/2021) - Stanley loves shoe boxes. He has since he was a kitten, and his love remains steady even though he's too big to actually fit in them anymore.
  • CPotD #476: Shoulder Floof (5/23/2021) - Nutterbutter joined us for lunch today and took an impressive nap with his butt on my shoulder. I was quite happy to provide the platform.
  • CPotD #475: Murder on the Dog Bed, Part 3 (5/22/2021) - Udo permitted exactly one yell before he ended the ruckus and kicked both cats out of his bed. Not that he was interested in getting into it.
  • CPotD #474: Murder on the Dog Bed, Part 2 (5/21/2021) - The tables quickly turned, as they often do when Oscar antagonizes Stan. He found himself on his back at the mercy of an angry house panther.
  • CPotD #473: Murder on the Dog Bed, Part 1 (5/20/2021) - We had an eventful day at the home office. Stanley stole Udo's bed, Udo pouted, and Oscar tried to eat Stanley. A lengthy ruckus ensued.

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