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For all your Cuteness needs, this page is a short (30 day) Critter Pic of the Day collection.

First, some Critter Pic of the Day History:

Just shy of 20 years ago, I adopted a fuzzy little Siamese kitten. The internet was new. The community Heather and I had first crossed paths in was slowly fading away. A number of users made their own little forums in the wild west of the digital age, and I was no exception.

Everyone had their own angle, but no one had what I had: a fuzzy kitten and a digital camera. I shamelessly used both to keep people coming to my board, as my online circle of friends was largely female and totally enamored with the fuzzy kitten. Heather, who also had a digital camera, gleefully documented her cats to share with me and the world, as well.

The original Citadel is long gone, but its spirit lives on here. In 2019, we adopted a new fuzzy kitten. We have digital cameras, and we have a website. We revived the Kitten Pic of the Day, vowing to post once a day for a year. After the year was up, Heather wanted to keep going, so she morphed it to the Critter Pic of the Day and included our other pets.

Now… dive in!

The CPotD archive is going to grow a lot as the days turn to weeks, the weeks turn to months, the months turn to years, and the years turn to decades, so I’ve added jump menus to help you skip from year to year and month to month. In time, this will be a haven of kittens, cats, puppies, dogs, fish, and god knows what else for you to shelter in as you take a brief refuge from the outside world.

We’ve already got over 100 250 500 posts archived for you to binge on!

— The Ork and The Cat

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Last 30 Pic of the Day Posts:

  • CPotD #310: Laika (Flashback) (12/2/2020) - Laika was a vigorous bouncer; she'd hop straight up in joy when you had a toy and were about to throw it. Even as an old lady, she'd bounce.
  • CPotD #309: Sun Guardian (12/1/2020) - While Stanley guards the tree, Nutterbutter guards the afternoon sun beam shining in from the front door. Occasionally, he even shares it.
  • CPotD #308: Tree Guardian (11/30/2020) - We put our Christmas tree up the weekend before Thanksgiving because we could and we wanted to. Clearly, Stanley agrees with this decision.
  • CPotD #307: Softpaw Pupper (11/29/2020) - Mr. Bear hurt his foot and took advantage of his treatment and discomfort to sneak onto a forbidden place.
  • CPotD #306: Furry Little Dickhead (11/28/2020) - Oscar has no respect for elders, brothers, or canines. All that matters to him is whatever thought last crawled through his moldy bungus of a brain.
  • CPotD #305: Thieves in 2020 (11/27/2020) - We made it ten minutes into our Thanksgiving dinner before the felines just couldn't take it anymore and cuted their way into the action.
  • CPotD #304: Thankful in 2020 (11/26/2020) - Stanley is very thankful, as he spied with his beady eyes, a plate full of chicken with all the fixin's...
  • CPotD #303: Best Brother (11/25/2020) - While Oscar loves Nutterbutter and Udo, he loves Stanley best. He seeks Stanley out for play, harassment, snugging, and general mayhem.
  • CPotD #302: Supreme Sunday Cuddle Puddle (11/24/2020) - We worked our butts off on Saturday, including putting up the Christmas tree, so we took it easy on Sunday. The cats also took it easy.
  • CPotD #301: Cuddle Puddle Progress (11/23/2020) - Oscar loves Nutterbutter and he has since we brought him home. This weekend, they started actively snuggling. They are now a cuddle puddle.
  • CPotD #300: The Bigger Fuzzy Slug (11/22/2020) - As promised, I present to you Udo: The Bigger Fuzzy Slug. With Stanley, he keeps me company while I work, but they don't stay awake for it.
  • CPotD #299: The Big Fuzzy Slug (11/21/2020) - Stanley claimed a modified fort beneath the dining room table. He likes this spot because it offers partial protection and partial sunbeam.
  • CPotD #298: Bird Brothers (11/20/2020) - Stanley and Oscar take their birdwatching duties very seriously. They appear at the window each morning as we put on our shoes and guard us.
  • CPotD #297: Stretch Snugs (11/19/2020) - Our post-dinner snugs grow more interesting as the weather gets colder. Nutterbutter spends more time on my lap, which Oscar usually hogs.
  • CPotD #296: The Cannon (11/18/2020) - Every once in a while, we order something that comes in a pretty large box. For reasons only obvious to us, we call these boxes Cat Cannons.
  • CPotD #295: Snuggy Boys (11/17/2020) - Today, the Cat returns to her routine and the house echoes with glee! While I was away, the boys became the ultimate cuddle puddle.
  • CPotD #294: Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop (11/16/2020) - The Cat spent yesterday doing chores, cleaning up the filthy house, which had devolved into a place Shrek would have been happy to call home while she was away.
  • CPotD #293: One More Time! (11/15/2020) - I was tooling around this morning and I heard H squeak from the bathroom: "he biggest goddamn spider in the world just came to say hi!"
  • CPotD #292: MOM’S HOME! (11/14/2020) - There are birds back in the tree probably, so there's your critter. I don't freaking care. MY GIRL IS HOME AGAIN.
  • CPotD #291: I Miss Mom (11/13/2020) - What happens when you don't wear headphones and the menagerie can hear Mom's voice over the speakers? I learned my lesson.
  • CPotD #290: Comfort Tail (11/12/2020) - Oscar loves to chew on his tail. It's one of his coping mechanisms. After Mom's been gone for nearly two weeks, he just couldn't take it any more:
  • CPotD #289: Taste My Distaste (11/11/2020) - Stanley is like all cats: he likes routine. His routine has been disrupted by Mom's Adventure. When I come home from work, I often find him "seasoning" the cutting board to express his distaste.
  • CPotD #288: Imagine a World (11/10/2020) - Imagine a world where a man is watching Twitch. Imagine the man has snackies. Imagine a world where that man doesn't share quick enough with the dog. This is Udo's World.
  • CPotD #287: Kewpmon-Ra (11/9/2020) - One of a Cat's most sacred duties is being radioactive and god-like. Kewpie takes his duties very seriously, so we often find him absorbing radiation, like this:
  • CPotD #286: Meow-Fu (11/8/2020) - I sat down on the foot of the bed to get my shoes and socks on. Suddenly, I heard a very Bruce-Lee sounding squeal, followed by the unmistakable sound of a big paw forcefully thumping into something.
  • CPotD #285: Feeling His Oats (11/7/2020) - The Dog has been in mourning ever since Mom left, but he has finally begun to realize that living with Dad isn't all that bad. I came home yesterday and fed the cats, only to be greeted by this thing with his rawhide bone in his mouth.
  • CPotD #284: Unabashed Affection (11/6/2020) - Oscar does everything at 150%. After Mom left, he leaned hard into Dad to get his daily affection. When he gets really going, all the fur on his body puffs out like he's scared, but he's just so worked up even his skin gets lovy.
  • CPotD #283: Am I a Joke to You? (11/5/2020) - One of the most egregious crimes about Mom being gone is that there's no one home at 3:45. That means there's no one to glare at to initiate the 4:00 can-opening ritual. By the time I get home at 5:15, everyone is PISSED.
  • CPotD #282: Attention, Minion! (11/4/2020) - There I was, minding my own business as I cooked up a batch of rice and broccoli. Suddenly, the most godawful squealing and squalling erupted from the love seat.
  • CPotD #281: Mourning in OK (11/3/2020) - After we'd been home from the airport for several hours, Udo began to realize the grim truth: Mom Isn't Coming Right Back. He went into full mourning and hid in the bedroom.

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