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  • CPotD #441: Camaraderie by Heather Landis

    Stanley and Nutterbutter don’t have the most loving relationship, but they do agree on one thing: dinner. Specifically, they agree that dinner should be now, and that now is always. Sometimes they unite to stare at my back together until I comply.

    This picture looks like they also kicked Udo out of his bed to commence their hassling operation, but he was already blockading my chair with his big butt. I can report that dinner did indeed happen right after this was taken.

Some Critter Pic of the Day History:

Just shy of 20 years ago, I adopted a fuzzy little Siamese kitten. The internet was new. The community Heather and I had first crossed paths in was slowly fading away. A number of users made their own little forums in the wild west of the digital age, and I was no exception.

Everyone had their own angle, but no one had what I had: a fuzzy kitten and a digital camera. I shamelessly used both to keep people coming to my board, as my online circle of friends was largely female and totally enamored with the fuzzy kitten. Heather, who also had a digital camera, gleefully documented her cats to share with me and the world, as well.

The original Citadel is long gone, but its spirit lives on here. In 2019, we adopted a new fuzzy kitten. We have digital cameras, and we have a website. We revived the Kitten Pic of the Day, vowing to post once a day for a year. After the year was up, Heather wanted to keep going, so she morphed it to the Critter Pic of the Day and included our other pets.

Now… dive in!

The CPotD archive is going to grow a lot as the days turn to weeks, the weeks turn to months, the months turn to years, and the years turn to decades, so I’ve added jump menus to help you skip from year to year and month to month. In time, this will be a haven of kittens, cats, puppies, dogs, fish, and god knows what else for you to shelter in as you take a brief refuge from the outside world.

We’ve already got over 100 250 500 posts archived for you to binge on!

— The Ork and The Cat

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Last 30 Critter Posts:

  • CPotD #441: Camaraderie (4/18/2021) - Stanley and Nutterbutter don't have the most loving relationship, but they do agree on one thing: dinner. Specifically, dinner should be now.
  • CPotD #440: Tiny Foreman Sentinel (4/17/2021) - Our neighbors are having some work done on their house and Oscar thinks he needs to supervise the crew. He is a consummate busybody.
  • CPotD #439: Perilously Cute (4/16/2021) - Being an unpredictable house panther, Stanley loves belly rubs. They knock him right into a sleep so blissful he forgets his dignity.
  • CPotD #438: Relocated Fort (4/15/2021) - When we arranged the living room in the new place, I tried to keep certain things the same for the cats to help with their acclimation.
  • CPotD #437: My View (4/14/2021) - Udo guards me constantly. Sometimes he guards from a door or window, and sometimes he guards from zero distance. Mostly from zero distance.
  • CPotD #436: Pure Love (4/13/2021) - Stanley decided my lap was the place to be for coffee sits this morning. He doesn't usually snuggle this hard, so I was completely undone.
  • CPotD #435: Tiny Roar (4/12/2021) - Oscar flopped in the hammock yesterday afternoon, so I attempted to get a picture of him being cute. He woke up, so instead I got this.
  • CPotD #434: Whump (4/11/2021) - Oscar retained his kitten tendency to fall over when he gets too tired. He doesn't do it very often, but when he does, it is glorious.
  • CPotD #433: A Kingly Gift (4/10/2021) - As I flopped in the floor taking Nutter's picture yesterday, Oscar sauntered in with a gift for me: his favorite grapevine.
  • CPotD #432: Old Man Sunbeam (4/9/2021) - Nutterbutter managed to get the rug and the sunbeam to himself this morning. He was so happy about this he didn't even glare at the camera.
  • CPotD #431: Dog Bed, Cat Bed (4/8/2021) - Oscar steals Udo's bed all the time, and his criminal behavior is catching on. Nutterbutter curled up in it so he could hassle me in comfort.
  • CPotD #430: The Back 40 (4/7/2021) - The cats love to monitor the bird activity on both sides of the house. Sometimes Udo scares away the prey with his complete lack of stealth.
  • CPotD #429: Ready for Closeup (4/6/2021) - Along with being a fierce protector and snugglebug, Udo is a photogenic beast. However, he hates having his picture taken... unless bribed.
  • CPotD #428: Home Security Panther (4/5/2021) - Stanley claimed the top of the new cat tower pretty quickly and has maintained his rule ever since. He guards us from there many hours a day.
  • CPotD #427: Of Snugs and Offense (4/4/2021) - Nutterbutter stole my chair again and Udo parked me on the couch, so I decided to sit a while and enjoy a snug with my bear dog.
  • CPotD #426: Contested Rug (4/3/2021) - Nutterbutter enjoys morning patio time, especially when the door is open to let in the breeze. He does not enjoy sharing the rug with Oscar.
  • CPotD #425: Small (4/2/2021) - Udo loves to lay in the bed with us. His favorite thing is to flop on my pillow and pretend to be small so I won't make him move.
  • CPotD #424: You Can’t Sit With Us (4/1/2021) - Stanley often joins Oscar for his morning patio stakeouts. These sessions always devolve into slap-fights, but the guys enjoy them anyway.
  • CPotD #423: Morning Hunt (3/31/2021) - Oscar stakes out the patio door every morning to hunt the sparrows and raspberry finches that hang out in our backyard. He's a total menace.
  • CPotD #422: Yoink (3/30/2021) - What do we do when we have lovely new cat furniture and cushions everywhere? We steal mom's chair, of course. He's so comfy I can't move him.
  • CPotD #421: Beach Bear (3/29/2021) - We hit the dog beach yesterday afternoon to take in some sunshine and breezes. Udo galloped around with the other dogs and had a ball.
  • CPotD #420: The Wedge (3/28/2021) - When Oscar steals your seat, he does it with conviction. He knows you're going to come back for it, so he'll wedge his rump into the back.
  • CPotD #419: Healthy Bear (3/27/2021) - Mr. Bear received a clean bill of health from his vet check this week! That means he's back to his usual cute, fluffy, treat-begging self.
  • CPotD #418: Telecat (3/26/2021) - Oscar insists on snugging while I work and he isn't particularly concerned about whether it's ergonomically ideal for me. So helpful.
  • CPotD #417: Sweet Repose (3/25/2021) - Oscar saw Stan's sleeping pose the other day and just had to one-up him. He zonked out on my lap in his usual post-dinner position. Then...
  • CPotD #416: Reinstated Rituals (3/24/2021) - Our rituals resumed pretty quickly after we moved, but they were a bit more sporadic than usual... until we rearranged the living room.
  • CPotD #415: Cali Coffee Sits (3/23/2021) - Nutterbutter wasted no time in resuming coffee sits every morning. He's been an extra snuggy cat about town lately and it's awesome to see.
  • CPotD #414: Favorite Hammock (3/22/2021) - Oscar chose a favorite hammock almost immediately after we put the new tower together. He likes it even better now that it has a window view.
  • CPotD #413: Red Letter Day (3/21/2021) - We had a major breakthrough yesterday. Nutterbutter took up residence on the cat tower and he did so of his own volition. I'm so proud!
  • CPotD #412: Sleep Yoga (3/20/2021) - Oscar is our resident weird sleeper, but sometimes Stanley really shows him how it's done. I don't even know what to call this position.

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