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  • CPotD #549: Big Heart by Heather Landis

    Brian got this shot of Udo from the couch the other day and I absolutely adore it. His love, loyalty, and kindness just shine out through his eyes.

    In addition to being the cutest dog in the universe, Udo also has the biggest heart I’ve ever seen. He’s a kitten-raising, mama-guarding, people-meeting brute and I love him so much it’s ridiculous.

Some Critter Pic of the Day History:

Just shy of 20 years ago, I adopted a fuzzy little Siamese kitten. The internet was new. The community Heather and I had first crossed paths in was slowly fading away. A number of users made their own little forums in the wild west of the digital age, and I was no exception.

Everyone had their own angle, but no one had what I had: a fuzzy kitten and a digital camera. I shamelessly used both to keep people coming to my board, as my online circle of friends was largely female and totally enamored with the fuzzy kitten. Heather, who also had a digital camera, gleefully documented her cats to share with me and the world, as well.

The original Citadel is long gone, but its spirit lives on here. In 2019, we adopted a new fuzzy kitten. We have digital cameras, and we have a website. We revived the Kitten Pic of the Day, vowing to post once a day for a year. After the year was up, Heather wanted to keep going, so she morphed it to the Critter Pic of the Day and included our other pets.

Now… dive in!

The CPotD archive is going to grow a lot as the days turn to weeks, the weeks turn to months, the months turn to years, and the years turn to decades, so I’ve added jump menus to help you skip from year to year and month to month. In time, this will be a haven of kittens, cats, puppies, dogs, fish, and god knows what else for you to shelter in as you take a brief refuge from the outside world.

We’ve already got over 100 250 500 posts archived for you to binge on!

— The Ork and The Cat

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Last 30 Critter Posts:

  • CPotD #549: Big Heart (8/5/2021) - Brian got this shot of Udo from the couch the other day and I adore it. His love, loyalty, and kindness just shine out through his eyes.
  • CPotD #548: Proximity (8/4/2021) - Being a super affectionate cat, Oscar is all about proximity. Give him an entire king-sized bed and he will still choose to sleep next to you.
  • CPotD #547: The Eye (8/3/2021) - Stanley likes to sleep, and he extra likes to sleep in spots that Nutterbutter has already haired up. He does not, however, like to be awoken.
  • CPotD #546: Truce (8/2/2021) - Stanley hassles Nutterbutter a lot, but lately he also just hangs out with him in his various chill spots. We see this more a lot often now.
  • CPotD #545: KodaCat (8/1/2021) - Photographing Stan is like trying to shoot of a pile of charcoal briquettes on a black tarp in a sealed antechamber of a cave. With no flash.
  • CPotD #544: λ (7/31/2021) - Nutter has officially crossed into "Old Ass Cat" territory. He's now legal to drive in the US, though I'm sure as hell not telling him that.
  • CPotD #543: Lanky Boi (7/30/2021) - Every once in a while, I manage to grab a picture of Oscar that shows he is, in fact, a perfectly normally proportioned cat.
  • CPotD #542: Kumbaya (7/29/2021) - We live in a dense urban area, so there are an ever-changing variety of people and critters, and Udo wants to meet every single one of them.
  • CPotD #541: Where the Food At? (7/28/2021) - I was trying to enjoy an ocean breeze and quiet moment when I heard grumpy muttering in my right ear. When 3:00 comes, the preaching begins.
  • CPotD #540: Recharging (7/27/2021) - With all the walking Udo and I have been doing, I have to charge my watch more. Ever the opportunist, Stanley found a chance to pilfer.
  • CPotD #539: Who Dares Disturb My Slumber (7/26/2021) - The dog is rambunctious when he plays. The more he plays, the more chaotic he gets. He played a LOT this morning.
  • CPotD #538: Repurposed (7/25/2021) - Udo stopped using his bed the minute we moved to California. Why does he ignore it? Doesn't matter; Stanley has now repurposed that bed.
  • CPotD #537: Snug Toy (7/24/2021) - Udo loves his toys, especially his maple leaf. We found it in a random sale bin at his favorite store last year and he's carried it since.
  • CPotD #536: Salty Thief (7/23/2021) - Stanley steals my office chair every chance he gets. He does not like to return it, and he makes his opinion very clear when I come back.
  • CPotD #535: Guardian Transfer (7/22/2021) - Udo guards me all the time. He's devoted his life to it since we first brought him home, but he might be transferring his watch to Brian.
  • CPotD #534: In Position (7/21/2021) - Brian took over Udo's walking routine after we moved, and he very much approves of the continuation. He always waits for Brian by the door.
  • CPotD #533: Lord of the Blanket (7/20/2021) - Oscar decided to hang out on our beach blanket while I swept last night. He and Stanley battled over it like heathens until we put it away.
  • CPotD #532: The Parapet (7/19/2021) - We bought a baby gate right after we arrived at the new house so we can keep the patio door open without the cats adventuring forth.
  • CPotD #531: No Dogs Allowed (7/18/2021) - Nutterbutter stole Brian's beach towel and was very pleased about it. He slept so cutely I went to get a picture, but Udo woke him up.
  • CPotD #530: An Actual Purrito (7/17/2021) - Oscar sleeps with us most nights because he loves to and it's cooler here. We had the fan on last night, which resulted in this purrito.
  • CPotD #529: Dinner Doggo (7/16/2021) - Udo also joins us for dinner every night. Like Stanley, he abandons us to zonk out after he gets his rightful tribute.
  • CPotD #528: Expectantly Regal (7/15/2021) - Being the lord of the manor, Stanley joins us for dinner every night. He sits on Brian's footrest fuzzing at us as he waits for his tribute.
  • CPotD #527: The Roll (7/14/2021) - Oscar lives to roll and he has two modes: murder roll and love roll. The other day, Brian caught a shot of him doing both simultaneously.
  • CPotD #526: How Dare (7/13/2021) - Stanley also dislikes chore day because I move things around and his box forts disappear. He shows his dislike by making airplane ears at me.
  • CPotD #525: Chore Blockade (7/12/2021) - Udo and Oscar dislike chore day. Usually, they have different ways of showing their dislike, but they decided to join forces this time.
  • CPotD #524: Luxury Panther (7/11/2021) - We always refer to Stanley as a luxurious panther because his fur is so lush and he just has a regal air about him. Now he's Luxury Panther.
  • CPotD #523: Faceplanting (7/10/2021) - Oscar does everything with gusto, especially sleep. He faceplants wherever he happens to be, which is often my lap. His latest includes Udo.
  • CPotD #522: Greedy Grump (7/9/2021) - Oscar demands attention frequently. He's extremely greedy for pets and does not understand why they stop before he's ready.
  • CPotD #521: Nurse Boi (7/8/2021) - We hit the water along with Udo at the beach last Thursday. He loved it and we all had a great time playing in the sunshine and cool breezes.
  • CPotD #520: Beach Boi (7/7/2021) - We took Udo to the dog beach last Thursday morning and he had a fantastic time. He galloped, bounced, and made new friends.

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