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CPotD #670: Dapper Dog

One of the side effects of Oscar’s antics as a Cardboard Warrior is that we have a lot of small bits and pieces of detritus that end up all over the house. I call it his “kill confetti,” which would be pretty horrid if it wasn’t just cardboard.

He also likes to take bits of his KC and deposit it wherever he thinks the decor needs to be improved. The dog’s bed is a frequent target, since it often has a dog in it, which means it’s ugly and needs sprucing up.

Imagine our surprise when Mr. Bear got up from a nap and came bopping over for some pretzels looking especially dapper:

I actually thought for a split second that he’d had his ear pierced and had a big stud of some kind in it. No, we’d never do that, that’s horrid (and people who do that kind of stuff to their pets deserve some non-consensual body modification done to them, IMO). But for whatever reason that’s what my brain interpreted it as for a quarter of a second.

It actually stayed there for most of the afternoon, and we both giggled a bit every time we saw him. The dog loves to make us happy, so he had an extra good day, and he got an extra crunchy treat for being such a cute good boy.

That evening, there were 3 more pieces of cardboard in the dog’s bed. I really don’t know if the cat did it or if the dog’s trying to get more treats.

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