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CPotD #669: Cardwarrior

Oscar is a sweet, affectionate, loving, needy, toasty, squeaky little ball of snot and fur. He’s also dumb as hell, as I’ve previously mentioned on more than one occasion. As a result, he often gets semi-stuck in behavior loops like a malfunctioning robot, but they’re generally harmless and cute, and he snaps out once his neurons reboot (or once someone opens the fridge.)

One of his favorite loops is to get into a cardboard box and begin ripping it to pieces from the inside out. He’ll make a hole, then stick his head out of the hole and begin chewing around it in circles, tearing off and spitting out little bite-sized chunks of cardboard as he goes, like a deranged little beaver.

This long tube box has been an ongoing project for the last couple of weeks. We clean up his bits frequently, but every morning, there are more. And every afternoon. It’s a better outlet for his feline rage than chewing on the elderly brother of the house, so we’re happy to let him do it.

He also enjoys stuffing his various toys in the box and under the carcass pile, as you can see:

Some day I’ll have to try to get a video, because the face he makes as he does it is… unique, but once the camera comes out, he stops and leaves, which is why it’s rare to get a picture of him at the scene of the crime. It’s clearly a situation where a Very Serious Cat is Doing Very Serious Cat Things and You Wouldn’t Understand.

Or he didn’t get enough oxygen. Either way, our little box muncher is the cutest cardboard warrior around.

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