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CPotD #668: WTF Friday

Longtime readers know I’m on a long-term hiatus from working (by choice.) It’s been nice; I’ve had plenty of time to do a lot of things I wanted to do, and a good amount of slack time to just be brain dead. After 30 years, it feels good to put a big gap in my employment history. There’s a lot there to unpack and this isn’t the forum for it, so we’ll just leave it like this: it’s the right thing at the right time.

I bring it up, because even though I’m no longer a worthwhile American and A Very Bad Person, it’s still hard coded into my lizard-brain to be happier on Fridays, because the weekends are coming. It’s partly because Heather will be home for a couple of days, and it’s partly because I’m just one of Pavlov’s puppers and think my own weekend is coming, even though every day is a “day off” for me.

So there I am, minding my own business, hauling freight in a computer game (yeah, I really enjoy playing Truck Simulator, freaking sue me), listening to some music and generally vibing on a chill Friday morning, when Oscar leapt up into my arms without warning and bellowed “HEY FATASS, HAUL THESE FUGGIN’ BEANS LOL!”

By bellowed, I mean “breathlessly huffed in my ear until he fell asleep and collapsed into a puddle of fur and feet.”

So now I’m sitting here, staring at a pause screen in a sim about driving a truck for your own company. I quit my real job to put my fake job on hold to hold a cat and haul his little beans wherever he wants me to.

Sometimes you just have to marvel at the pure WTF that is our universe.

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