The Name of My Next Band

When Microsoft unveiled its new Band activity tracker last year, I knew I wanted one. I had been ogling the Fitbit Surge for months because I wanted a tracker that could measure my heart rate. Also, I love watches. Brian pointed out that my Fitbit One was still functioning just fine, so I didn’t need a new gadget. He was absolutely right. I heaved a plaintive sigh and forgot about upgrading. (As a side note, I have the same problem with my phone. I desperately want a new Nokia Lumia, but my Moto X keeps chugging right along. Drat that reliable thing!)

The Band went out of sight, out of mind for the next couple of months as I concentrated on work and trying not to stress myself to death, which meant Brian was able to completely surprise me at Christmas. It was the last gift, and he said, “This one is just a silly little thing, no big deal.” You’d think I would know better by now, but nope. My squee of glee probably busted eardrums for eight square miles.

I’ve been wearing my Band religiously for two months now, and you know what? I’m still in love with it. Best. Gadget. Ever.

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Tech Tuesday #002: Protect Your Work (Word)

Tech Tuesday 002: Protect Your Documents (Word)

Everyone who works in an office where others have access to your files knows the pit in your stomach you feel when you open your prized proposal, presentation, or spreadsheet, only to realize Ted saved his grocery list over it five minutes before the big meeting.

For this installment of Tech Tuesday, we’ll be looking at some simple methods to protect your Microsoft Word files. Many workplaces use Microsoft Office, so that’s what we’ll focus on, but the suggestions still apply to other programs. Only the implementation will be different.

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Tech Tuesday #001: How to Deal With a Tech Scam

Tech Tuesday 001: How to Spot a Scammer

The Microsoft Tech Support scam isn’t new, but it’s becoming more prevalent in areas where it hasn’t been seen much- in this case, Oklahoma. Here’s what you can do to spot and respond to one of these scam calls.

Welcome to a (hopefully) recurring series of posts on Since I’ve worked in IT throughout my entire adult life, I’ve picked up a few tips and tricks that I wanted to share with you all. I had a few ideas for what I wanted this first post to be, but a coworker’s experience made me change my mind at the last moment.

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New Digs.

Heather and I have lived, loved, and (occasionally) worked along side one another for many years now. In one of those semi-spur-of-the-moment outbursts I’m prone to, after an otherwise innocent comment by her about a minor dissatisfaction with her blog at The Spotted Cat, she woke up Saturday morning to find that I’d spent the night before setting up a web server and teaching myself enough about PHP and WordPress to launch her a homegrown custom blog site (thankfully I already have my basics covered for Linux, HTML, and Apache.) A few quick clicks later and we had a domain. You can see some more info in her post.

Long story short, The Spotted Cat and The Incredible Shrinking Man are merging into this site, which should become the one-stop repository for all the tripe Heather and I see fit to drop on the internet.

I really don’t know that I’ll write much here. I suffer from a common problem. I think to myself “Who the hell cares what YOU have to say? Who do you think you are to spout forth like some foul-mouthed oracle?” I think it’s important to remember that you don’t have to move the world every time you speak. Sometimes just sharing a small insight or idiotic thought you found humorous is enough to change someone’s day. Maybe if you do that enough the world moves a little without you noticing.

More posts will no doubt be coming, as will a whirlwind of changes as I discover all the glaring security holes I probably left open.

And just in case you were on the internet back in 1991 (when I first got on the internet proper- I’d been online for years previously but that was the first time I had true web/news/email/gopher access)… well you know what this damn graphic means:



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