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CPotD #660: Tiny Hat

After a year that can best be described as “OH JESUS GO AAH WTF OUCH OH GOD WHAT THE F..”, we’ve hit the holidays. It’s our first Cali Christmas in nearly 20 years! That means tiny hats on big dogs.

Yes, it’s an outtake from 2018, because I don’t want to go dig his hat out of the Christmas bin. It’s cold and the pavement is wet and I am a baby. Wah.

His hat is still in storage right now, but we’ll be digging it out soon enough so I can parade him around the neighborhood. I think our neighbors will have a healthy mix of “aww, so cute!” and “that white boy is seriously not right,” which is exactly the mix I’m shooting for. You have to keep everyone guessing, you know?

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