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CPotD #665: Hold Me.

Now that winter is coming in, it’s gotten cooler. Since we live near the coast, the temperatures are very mild, so we don’t have to run the heater a lot. That means the house gets quite cool at evening and warms up to be nice and cozy by late morning.

Unfortunately, Oscar, who has the IQ of a sponge that spent its college years huffing puffer fish, doesn’t understand time very well. To him, everything always was and always will be precisely as it is right now. That means when it’s cold, despite being wrapped in a nice, shiny, sleek little blanket wherever he goes, the greedy little creep demands more snugs and more warmth, because it’s cold and he’ll freeze to death in 24 hours without supplementary irradiation!

That means, wherever I go, whatever I do, this is my view:

You can tell his right paw is off the bench, as he’s pawing at me to implore me to put down the phone and the dumbbells, ignore my workout, and do Kitten Curls instead.

Also, note the absolute MAGNIFICENCE that are his whiskers. His whiskers are long enough that he could scout a path for Stan, which is saying something, since Stan’s nearly as round as I am. Stan is also a favorite snug-buddy, since he’s also always nice and warm with his blubber wrap.

That’s why I work out. And that’s… that’s why Oscar keeps stopping me.

I’m on to you, you little shit.

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