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KPotD #365: A Year of Insanity

And just like that, it’s been 365 days. A year ago, we brought home a tiny ball of fuzz and hiss who hid behind the dryer and under the recliner while he got his bearings. He took to us pretty quickly, though. Here he is on Day 1, perched on my shoulder a couple of hours after we opened the door.

Oscar, Day 1

We could tell as he grew that he was probably not going to get very big, but he he had the heart of a lion. No toy, brother, or large dog was safe in his presence. They all let him have the run of the place, so it didn’t take him long to hog my lap.

March 2019

It also didn’t take him long to claim the Cray Station, which Brian bought for Stan when he was a baby. They both spend quite a lot of time in it, but Oscar uses it for rampaging as well as chilling.

April 2019

Oscar attached himself to Stan right off the bat, and over the months they’ve become brothers and best friends. Stan probably wants to strangle him most days, but he’s a patient big brother. They snug quite a bit now.

May 2019

He’s even snugged with Grandpa Nutter, who taught him how to drink water from the kitchen sink.

June 2019

He also learned the wonder of forts, conquering bags and boxes alike.

July 2019

While recovering from fort adventures, he invented fun new sleeping positions across various pieces of furniture. His best to date has been on the back of the couch.

August 2019

And of course we can’t forget his bleps, which he displays often and with great gusto. Usually while sleeping.

September 2019

He’s grown into his face as well, looking more like a cat than a fuzzy little alien, and he’s developed a deep love of sunbeams.

October 2019

And we can’t forget his great talent for the duty to which all cats are born: judging you. He is truly gifted.

November 2019

Much to our pleasant surprise, he behaved himself (mostly) with the Christmas tree. This is amazing considering what a terror he can be and remembering the menace Stan was for his first Christmas.

December 2019

He’s still more than happy to display his certified case of Kitten Crazies, especially when he’s extracted one of his 4,011 milk tops. I keep throwing them away and he keeps producing new ones. I’m fairly certain he’s summoning them from the void.

December 2019

He’s a dichotomy of crazies and love, though. He’s still completely fascinated with Udo’s toe floof, and Udo has reached the point where he’ll let the little guy investigate.

January 2020

And of course he still loves us. I can’t flop in the floor for anything without this happening.

January 2020

It’s been a wild year with our little guy. He’s grown from 2-lb fuzzball to sleek 10.8-lb murder machine and through it all his personality hasn’t changed. I can honestly say I’ve never met a more affectionate, snuggy, happy kitten in my life. He’s brought us so much joy and I look forward to many years with his sweet, crazy self.

This brings us to today’s picture, in which he was, as usual, uncooperative. Happy 365, Oscar!

Oscar, Day 365

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