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Big Summer ’23 Update!

Yeah, yeah, I know. “I’ll update soon!” followed by a year of silence. What can I say, life is nuts sometimes, even when it’s kinda quiet at the same time.

So what’s the big update?

We’re Movin’ Location! (Kind of.)

Don’t worry – OrksandCats.com is staying here, as area all of the old posts. That isn’t changing. Neither is WHAT we post here – this will still be the home of The Ork and the Cat’s personal blogs, our musings, and our creatures. But the Cat is incredibly busy with her work at [Large Space Company], so she doesn’t have a lot of time for external musings right now. That’ll change. She’s good, the work is good, it’s just a demanding time in her life, so some things have had to fall back in priority, and writing for her blog has been one of those things.

“What about you,” you might ask? Well, I’ve been up to my ears in something as well.

The Ocypete, my first book!

I wrote a book. Yeah, a whole ass book. 400+ pages of buttery, futuristic, world-building, holy-cow-where-did-you-come-up-with-this Science Fiction. I finished the rough draft a few weeks ago and we’re busily editing it. I have an artist working on a cover design for the various editions (edit: the actual cover is now shown above. -B), and I’ve got everything ready to self-publish it once we finalize the manuscript and get the cover in place.

Great, you might think… but what’s that got to do with you moving?

See, I don’t plan to just write one book. This is going to be multiple books, with multiple novellas and more than a few short stories thrown in. This is going to take years to fully develop and publish all of the ideas I’ve worked up, and ultimately, my personal blog just isn’t the right home for it.

So I set up LandisBooks.com as the home for the book (and any subsequent ones,) as well as any “professional” musings I want to share.

Obviously, this has taken a LOT of my time, especially now that we’re in the home stretch. So I don’t want to paint it like I’m going to suddenly resume posting here all the time – I’m not. Chances are, if I’m doing stuff, it will be on LandisBooks. The good news is that there will still be posts there, and there’s a mailing list to keep up to date, and of course… a whole book to read, if you want to (once it’s released.) Hell, I’m even muddling my way through an audiobook version to see if my voice is acceptable (versus hiring a pro to do it, which I may do IF the book proves successful.)

That said, I have a TON of critter pics to share, and I *DO* to post here more than once a year!

So there we are, big experiment!

TL,DR version:

  • We’re still around, and things are great! We’re just really busy.
  • I wrote a book! It’s coming out this summer!
  • I am spending most of my time working on that and our new website, LandisBooks.com.
  • We’ll still be here from time to time, and we’ll be back in bigger fashion down the road, but for now, we’re focused on work and writing for a while.
  • We have so many creature pics to share, I may sneak a few of those in from time to time just to reward those of you who still check here or get notifications. <3

That’s all for now. Please, swing on by the book’s website and the book’s Discord Server (https://discord.gg/vS6SyEGCFM) and see what I’ve been up to! I’d love the feedback!

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