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Brain no worky. I think I used up all my writey mojo on proposal stuff today. That’s okay, though; the warm fuzzy acquired from actually making progress is worth it. I don’t want to be lame and leave a super-short post for tonight, but seriously, nothing is coming to mind in the way of topics. Nothing. At all. So, instead of a thoughtful post, I’m just going to ramble about whatever comes into my head. Be afraid.

As I typed the word nothing just now, I said in my head, “Nuffem, eh?” like Harvey Korman’s character Heddy (that’s Hedley!) Lamarr in Blazing Saddles. I love that movie, and much to Brian’s dismay, will watch it whenever it comes on.

Speaking of movies, we Netflixed 1 Million BC! last Friday night. Awful movie, but Raquel Welch was fun to watch and as an added bonus, the movie Caveman makes a lot more sense to me now. That last part should probably worry me.

Thinking of Caveman leads me to the other fun movies from my childhood, which reminds me that I heard the theme song to Welcome Back Kotter the other night while driving home from work. I liked that show back then, but I wonder what I’d think of it now. Other fave raves, like Airwolf and The Equalizer, haven’t stood up so well when revisited, but the 80s seem to have a higher cheese factor than the 70s did (granted, I was 0 to 8 years old during the 70s, so take that observation with a grain of salt). Even The A-Team and MacGuyver seem daffy now, as sacrilegious as it feels to say that.

Remembering those shows leads me to a conversation I had with a coworker yesterday. He has a lot of interests, does a lot of things, and is pretty knowledgeable in all of them. I remarked that I’m a one-trick pony because all I do is write (shooting video game zombies does not, in fact, count). He disagreed, saying I know an awful lot myself just from all the writing I’ve done. True, weird things have sunk in over the years, but mostly what sticks is the bizarre, completely trivial crap that has no real-world use whatsoever. Like the chant, “Want a trash bag, I want a trash bag!” from an A-Team episode, the name of Princess Ardala from the Buck Rogers series in the 70s (come on, she was hawt), and the fact that Edward Woodward’s character in The Equalizer was Robert McCall.

I’m the same way about video games, although it did come in more useful there. When we played MMOs, I always became a walking encyclopedia for the world in which we played. Quests, character names, locations, items…you name it, and 9 times out of 10, I would know who/what/where you needed and how to go about getting it. All this sank in, but for some reason I could never be bothered to min/max at higher levels. Regardless, I do miss the engagement those games gave. If I had more time to devote and wasn’t so freaking shy about grouping with strangers, I’d consider going back. Brian would throttle me shortly thereafter, so we’ll hop off that topic.

The largest vault of weird memory in my head, though, hands down, houses music. Artists I’ve loved (and some I hate), names, birthplaces, birthdays, discographies, random personal facts, band histories, and lyrics all jostle together in that vault. This fact has never surprised me, though. From my earliest memories, so much of my thought has included music. Background, foreground, it’s always been there. Am I the only person who feels like every stage of life has had a soundtrack? The music I’ve loved has always been a huge part of who I am. We’ll get into that in another post, though. The stream-of-consciousness says it’s hungry.~H

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