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Short and Sweet Post

Well, short, anyway. It’s late and I’m too tired to go extra-verbose like I did last night, as fun as that was. Almost as fun as shooting pixelated zombies! That hobby helps keep me sane, but I’ll not have much time for it in the next few months. Work is going to make up for the slow first quarter by trying very hard to kill me in the second. I refuse to let it. Honestly, I refuse to even get mildly depressed about it. The impending poo storm appears intimidating, but it will be a very good test of my abilities. Namely, my abilities to:

• Shift gears between multiple projects every 30 seconds
• Plan my writing schedule for each week
• Do actual work in my head while trapped in meetings (beatings)
• Not blurt profanity in incredulous shock at the bizarre decisions of others
• Refrain from hip-checking individuals who desperately need it

They’re going to lay it on inhumanly thick soon, but, like Brian says, how I handle it is up to me. We think I’ll do just fine. He really is a big part of my success, though, not to mention my sense of perspective. When I was younger, I never would have thought someone could keep me so happy when events or work kick into hell mode. Turns out…all I needed was an Ork.~H

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