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Addendum to Monday

As I went to sleep last night, the thought occurred to me that some folks could have taken my third zombie escape tactic the wrong way, because some people are touchy like that. My intention was not to bash all people who have kids. Far from it. People like my friend Renee, who actually loves her kids and takes excellent care of them, do my heart good. I know folks who are bringing up smart, good-hearted, well-adjusted kids, and I love to see that, because they are not zombies. No, the people I was bashing are the ones who, out of stupidity or a misplaced sense of duty, have kids that they don’t want and then spend all of their time hating for changing their lives. These walking baby factories live in a sucking miasma of self-pity that leads to, at worst, abuse and at best, neglect. No child deserves to be stuck in an environment like that. Take care of your own kids, people. Don’t expect others to do it for you, and don’t lie to the system. Karma will remember, and so will those of us who are not infected by the shambling masses.

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