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Hockey Night

I’m watching/listening to a hockey game tonight, so a bit distracted. However, I’ve got pics for you from my ever-exciting workplace! Specifically, pics of something that helps keep me sane.



How awesome is this toy? Smooshing it when I’m thinking (or fuming) has helped lots, so a heartfelt thank you to the lovely Joanne for bringing it to me.

I’ve been smooshing a lot lately because, for some reason, my brain doesn’t want to cooperate very much when it comes to work. I suspect burnout is the cause. Between working freakish schedules since, oh, last July, and injuring my back, I’m just tired. We’re talking soul tired. Now is not the time to ease up, though, so I need to think of ways to rejuvenate the grey matter. If any of my three (3) readers have an idea towards that, please let me know. I don’t even have the energy to make a smart-butt list tonight.

Here is a question that I’ve pondered in the past, though, and am returning to because of recent browsing on the WoW forums. Back when we played, I would see howling on the forums from people who were not able to devote enough time to the game to obtain the best gear/items available for their characters. They said things like “I have kids, a job, can’t play a set schedule,” etc., so “I can’t raid, give me another way to get that gear.” Fair enough, but I always wondered why they thought they were entitled to the best stuff when they wouldn’t be logged on enough to actually use it. Raid gear is for…um…raiding.

Don’t misunderstand me, I was never a raider. Big groups in that game freaked me out, because the possibility of running into a total jerkwad in even a small group of people you didn’t know was incredibly high. However, one or more “raiders” would always swoop into those forum threads with the interesting rebuttal of “I too have a busy schedule with kids and a full-time job and homeowner responsibilities, but I raid every week.” To get back to my question, it is this: how? When these people spoke of their guilds, it was like happy sunshine and rainbows: good players, no jerkwads, no drama. I’m certain some of them were full of crap, but I still have to wonder if any of those happy sunshine rainbow guilds actually exist. If we had found one in October of 2007, we’d probably still be playing.

I’m tempted to return to the forums and solicit time-management advice from those busy-life top-raider people, though. They’re obviously gurus. Srsly.~

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