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KPotD #23: Progress

Oscar has been getting more active as he acclimates and feels better, so I don’t get as many snugs as I did his first week with us. He has turned up the quality, though. In addition to sleeping across my neck and using my face as a pillow last night, he hopped into my lap this evening to tell me the work day was over.

This is kitten for “Hold me, woman.” I don’t know about you, but I can’t argue with that.

He likes to gallop through the room while I’m working out and then does laps of the kitchen while I make dinner, so it’s no wonder he rests so hard when he finally stops moving. Behold, tonight’s post-dinner snugs.

He’s been snugging up to his brothers more, which is great progress.
Aaaaaaaaaand then he passed out using Stan’s butt as a pillow.

I can’t even with this kitten. So much love.

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