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KPotD #22: Stylish Snugging

We had a busy day today. Stan has been under the weather, so he got a visit with the nice folks at our veterinary clinic. While the diagnosis was favorable, we’ve all been a bit stressed about his illness, so we’re all extra tired. Oscar showed this fatigue with his usual panache, as seen below.

He fell asleep mid-bath and didn’t bother to move.
Here he is going for his “paint me like one of your French cats” look. Note the secret bonus Rottie in the background.

These are post-dinner snugs. I imagine he’s also tired from the little bit of excitement we had at lunch. We have a game where Brian will tickle me and I’ll shriek in mock terror, Udo will shove his head in between us to protect me, and we all have a good cuddle and a laugh. It’s cute and Udo gets to feel like the good boy he is. When we played this afternoon, we were sitting on the love seat. All was going as normal: tickle, shriek, shove, cuddle. Then I had 94 pounds of dog on my lap.

At first we thought he went all out in his Protect Mom efforts, but then I saw what was in the floor coming after his fluffy butt. Stan had gone into attack mode because he thought Udo was hurting me. He is very big, very strong, and very sharp, so I don’t blame the dog for hopping onto my lap, but it was a ludicrous image, like a cartoon elephant jumping onto a stool to get away from a mouse. We’re still laughing about it, but you know what? I feel extra protected and loved. Most folks don’t have a house panther guarding their bod. <3

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