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KPotD #24: Strong Independent Kitten

Oscar seems to be forming a new habit. Rather than sleeping on me every time he stops moving, he’s started to sleep near me. Sometimes he’ll gently place a paw in my hair, sometimes he’ll flop next to my leg, and sometimes he’ll whap me in the back of the head with his tiny fuzzy butt. Today was a mixture of the three.

Helpful Meeting Support Kitten is helpful.

I love that he’s comfortable sleeping and playing on his own; it means he’s adjusting well to his new home. He rampages from room to room now instead of staying within sight of us all the time.

After dinner, he decided to murder my blood sugar monitor for crimes against kittenkind… while snugging my hip.

The mighty hunter goes in for the kill. That zipper doesn’t stand a chance.

He’s definitely sure of himself, but I’m glad he’s still a little love-butt. I hope he’ll grow up as affectionate as Stan is with slightly less inclination to break out the murder mittens. I’ll love him regardless, and every day is a tiny new adventure.

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