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KPotD #4

“Your offering pleases me. Now wait for me over there, or I shall eat you next.”

Most of the house has now been conquered. Oscar hasn’t ventured into the guest bedroom yet, but it’s only a matter of time. The window sills are his purview, as is the recliner. His predation has spread across the house and none are immune to his tiny war cry. We are doomed.

In other news, his personality has turned out to be strikingly different from Stan’s at that age. Stan has always been affectionate, but not like this. He loves us, he’s just very take-charge and I-do-what-I-want about it. Oscar is so loving and laid back that I really wonder if he isn’t part ragdoll. Watching him grow and develop that personality is going to be pure joy, even if I have to give up all my pillows.

“You realize this is now my pillow, right?”

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