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KPotD #3

Oscar is totally metal. \m/

Oscar is definitely settling into his new digs. He stomps through the house with kitten authority and abandon, showing all the toys who’s boss. He’s turned out to be super affectionate as well. If he’s not murdering a cloth mouse, he’s snuggling me or Brian. All of his sleep time is spent on us. When we went to bed last night he curled up in my hair, laid his head on my ear, and purred me to sleep. It was so magical I just can’t even. I’m completely in love with this kitten.

He and his brothers are getting more comfortable with each other by the hour, and he’s even starting to see the dog as slightly less monstrous. They’ve all made massive progress and are doing great, as can be seen below. We have a very happy family here.

This definitely counts as a brotherly snug. <3
Default sleep position.
Look at those beans. LOOK AT THEM!
Such magnificent plumage!
“Mom, the council has come to an unfortunate decision…”

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  1. Love those pictures! It reminds me of the days when I used to live in a house ruled by felines. Their reign was mostly benevolent but sometimes… not so much. Still, I still miss being subjugated to their furry whims. If cats ruled the world I suspect it would be a better place. A much WEIRDER place, sure, but a better one.

    1. I think you’re quite right. In lieu of that for the time being, we will endeavor to continue to share diabetes-inducing pics of The Council, as they’ve started to become known.

      In other news, H hit 100lbs lost and Crabby Fitness was a huge part of that.. so THANK YOU. Really. <3

    2. Thanks, Crabby! Mostly benevolent is accurate, but I agree it would be a weirder and better world. Sometimes, love is pain. Toothed, clawed pain. :-D

      And as B said, THANK YOU. You helped me more than you know. <3

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