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KPotD #2

Black and white fuzzy kitten next to books on shelf.
Lil Oscar, exploring the fine literature we keep on the bookshelves.

“Oscar” began his second day with us today, after a full night’s rest that consisted mostly of sleeping on Mom, punctuated with occasional travel to bite my nose or fingers.

He’s definitely feeling much more full of his oats today, as he’s begun rampaging about the living room in full-on Murder Kitten Mode (henceforth abbreviated as MKM), attacking anything from mouse toys to fluffy balls to air molecules to the existential dread of existence itself. All fell before his might and needle-sharp claws.

He also REALLY likes to climb. EVERYTHING. We are so in for it next Christmas.

He sleeps on mom in total abandon..
.. then wakes up to snuggle in her arms.
He also likes to eat my pudding.
A post-lunch nap in mom’s hair.

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