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KPotD #5

Oscar has begun to embrace the teachings of his Lord and Saivor, Tai the Magnificent, grand perpetrator of Kitty Porn upon the land. In other words, he’s taken to flopping on his back in an undignified way and splaying out before crashing into unconsciousness. He ends up looking like a little fuzzy frat boy who got in over his head doing keg stands.

Kitten sleeping on its back in mom's hands
Indecent comfort.

He’s settling into a happy kitten routine that seems to consist of about 21-22 hours of sleep per day, 30 minutes of eating and personal care, and an hour or so of experiments wherein he tries to warp the fabric of space and time so that he can kill his stuffed spider, floofy mouse, and Stan all at the same moment. He has thus far not succeeded, but the day IS coming.

In other news, he and Stan have begun playing with one another, which is a huge step forward and the final thing we were waiting on. They’re going to be buds and keep each other entertained, which means Nutter won’t get chased so much, so everyone wins.

Heather and I have, however, begun to fear for our own safety. I caught Oscar sitting on some pieces of wood next to the stove. He did not approve of being photographed.

Angry kitten glaring with "you died" in red text.
If looks could kill.

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