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KPotD #6

It’s Superb Owl Sunday (the NFL can bite me because I am not using their trademarked term). We don’t have a pet Owl, but we have a ridiculously cute pet Oscar!

So cute I had to get the real camera to properly document!

Oscar-san has transitioned fully into his new life at Casa de la Andis (casa de Landis aka my last name). Side note: the queso blanco I’m making right now, if it works.. I’m going to make a much bigger batch of it and can it up and slap “Casa de La Andis” on it because that’s funny. If you think it isn’t, you’re wrong, and you shouldn’t be here looking at pictures of my kitten.

So.. the Osc-hole has fully adapted to his new life. He and Stan spent the morning rampaging together through the house, then he went and woke up Mom by yelling at her so she’d feed him. His teachers are very proud.

He still sleeps a lot:

Charging up in Mom’s loving embrace before trying to take her life.

While I was lying on the floor trying to see if I could snag a few Action Kitten shots, Stanislaus came on over to investigate, since I never lie there. This in turn fuzzed up the little monster, who came over and began predating upon his fuzzy mouse and an old bouncy ball that turned up from God Knows Where. If you look closely at the ball picture, you’ll see Stan supervising approvingly.

Great. The devil has a minion.

Look at those eyes. THE EYES!
I won’t make a ball joke. Really.

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