KPotD #7

It was a busy day at work today for all of us, so there aren’t a ton of pics, but that’s okay- it’s the “Kitten Pic of the Day,” so singular is acceptable.

Heather had to do some outlining and help a co-worker, so she grabbed her work laptop and curled up on the couch as she usually does. Within a few minutes, Nutter was in her lap, like normal.

It turns out we have a little party crasher who turned up to inspect and make sure that her work was up to par.

Home office Kitten finds your work ethic acceptable.

As always, her work passed inspection. The inspector then spent a half hour stuffing the ladybug toy you can see on the floor into my shoe, which you can also see next to it. I don’t get the feeling it was an offering made out of love and respect.

Since you made it to the end.. have a bonus outtake from yesterday!

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