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KPotD #8

Sick of the cuteness yet? Well too bad, we’ve got 357 to go!

It’s another short one today. After getting up relatively early, then a full day of work and a rousing session of “JESUS CHRIST I HATE THIS” at the gym, it’s getting late and we still need to make dinner. A smart person would write up a week’s worth of kitten posts at a time and schedule them.. but since we’ve only had Oscar for a week, that’s hard to do. More than that though, it’s somewhat important to me, at least in the early weeks, that we document his growth a lot. He won’t change appearance much from year 2-20, but right now he changes every day!

Oscar has finished utterly bonding to Heather and is now totally fixated on her. Unfortunately for me, his need for human attention is not yet satiated, so he’s started bonding to me as well. I was greeted this morning when my alarm went off by a very tiny little mouth in my face, squeaking breathlessly to let me know he was up and needed Teh Love promptly. As soon as I touched him, the view changed to the Pucker of Doom as the cat did a 180 and blessed me as only a cat can- by planting his ass on my face.

I got up and fed him pretty quickly.


Later as we were watching some trash on the TV, I heard this odd, chittering, chirping squeak next to me. Heather was frantically trying to call my attention to the fact that the new kitten was completely snuggling Nutter. This never really happened between Nutter and Stan, whose relationship can best be described as a domestic incident. Nutter, however, is a relentless snugger; he used to spend hours and hours snuggled up with Tai, who gave up trying to run him off after a few years. So this was a big step and something we’re all very happy about.

On the same front, Stan and Oscar play all the time as well. Now that Stan has an outlet for his predatory (aka douchebag) instincts, there have been far less chases between him and Nutter, which is good for the tired old Orange-Pants.

So it’s been a quiet day of great advances here!

Since you made it all the way to the end, have a couple of bonus pictures of our idiotic Doofus, Udo!

I asked him if he was ready to run around like an idiot in the yard.
He sat promptly and waited for me to signal the chase was on by jingling my keys at him.
Once he saw the keys come out, he hit the floor and got ready to bolt!

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