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KPotD #9: Kittens sleep a lot

Breaking news, film at 11, right? It’s obvious, sure. But this kitten sleeps a LOT. I think he clocked 23 hours today. I’d be worried if he wasn’t a relentless terrorist the other 60 minutes of the day.

He started out last night with a sleep against Stan, who amazingly didn’t seem to care.

An oreo thrown into a tar pit?

The flash woke him up, which prompted some irate chittering.

Annoyed terrorist.

After a busy evening of napping, he went to bed with us and spent the whole time either on my hip or curled up against Heather’s back. He had a rousing session of “DIE MOUSE TOY,” ate half of the adult cats’ kibble, and saw me off to work, at which point he fell into Heather’s arms and:

Who’d guess 40 ounces of fur could be so dramatic?

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