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KPotD #10 Throwback Thursday!

Don’t worry, we’re still going to have current kitten pics, but in honor of Throwback Thursday (now that that’s on our blog can we officially say it jumped, buried, dug up, and dry-humped the shark??) I decided to unearth a little something from the archives.

Set your wayback machine’s dial to the fall of 2000 and feast upon the OG of Cute, Tai:

Crazed Siamese Kitten wages war to try to kill camera’s power cable.

Even as a kitten, Tai was insane and wiggy, and it showed in his eyes every time I tried to take his picture. He mellowed out as he grew into adulthood, but the wild man never really fully settled down.

Back in the present, Oscar has decided that bills are for suckers, with the City of Duncan’s water bill deserving special dishonor.

Oscar blesses our water bill with the Pucker of Doom.

He looks kind of big in that picture, but that water bottle is far back on a large cutting board, and the camera was right up in Oscar’s face. In truth, the bottle is quite a bit bigger than he is. It’s amazing how all of the pictures we’ve taken thus far have failed to capture how TINY he truly is!

About to squeak, because he smells the chicken we’re having for dinner.

LOOK AT THAT LITTLE GREMLIN! How can you NOT love him?

Oh god.

Done. I just spontaneously grew a pair of ovaries, and they just popped. I’m done for the night.

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