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Werk Werk

Today was a rather weird, slow-motion day at work. Flurries of activity intermingled with intense periods of “omgwhyisitnotfiveoclockyet,” which made some of us rather grumpy. Attempting to cheer myself up, I decided to put some helpful guidance on one of my office doors (I have two). See, some folks like to use my office as a breezeway or shortcut to visit people in the area beyond. This behavior aggravates me because I’m a writer, and as such I like to concentrate on what I’m writing. Concentration is difficult to attain when someone stomps back and forth through my room, so I decided to post this sign.

One of my lovely coworkers added the collection box. (Thanks, Joanne!) Feeling that this sign wasn’t enough, because Jerky McLoudphone could approach from the other direction, I hung a nice dry-erase board on that side of the same door.

Assuming this doesn’t get me in trouble, I’ll be able to write in peace tomorrow. Hope springs eternal.

The same lovely coworker, after noticing my verbivore sign, proceeded to put 600 tiny slips of paper with verbs on them into one of my lunch bowls. In honor of this awesome service, I will draw a verb from the bowl each day and work it into an official email somehow. Should be good exercise for my brain, and the hilarity that could ensue will make us all feel better. Assuming that doesn’t get me in trouble. Like I said, though…hope springs eternal. ~H

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