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It’s Only Tuesday

It’s probably not legal to declare the week a drag before Thursday, but I’m a rebel who will say it for everyone: this week is dragging. Incidentally, so is my brain. None of my List o’Topics appeals to me for banter-fodder this evening. Work was fairly quiet today, just some editing and pondering infused with conversations. We didn’t have any beatings, which reminds me of my latest motivational poster idea: “A day without meetings is like a poop sandwich without the poop.” No doubt Hallmark will be dying to hire me within minutes of discovering this gem of wisdom.

At any rate, peering into space…er, my monitor…to search for a topic, my eyes came to rest upon my site title: The Spotted Cat. Other people who stumble through here might wonder where that name came from, so tonight’s topic is now that story.

When my niece, Rhiannon, was about four years old, she was very much into imaginary friends and creating new realities in which to entertain herself. (She’s a lot like her aunt in that regard.) The family was gathered at my parents’ house for a barbecue, so the niece and I were inside talking with my grandmother while waiting for the pigout to commence. Rhiannon was regaling us with her latest creation, complete with character names, when she ran completely off topic and started asking about my cats. Specifically, their names.

Now Rhiannon adores my cats, but she could only remember Shadow’s name. I think it’s because he’s the most lovey of the bunch and would let her haul him around the house and play dolls with him. Seriously, that cat is not happy unless someone is holding him. So, Rhiannon was trying to list them.

Rhiannon: Shadow, and…what was the girl one?
Me: Tish.
Rhiannon: Oh, okay. Shadow, Tish, and…what was the white kitty with black dots? He has big eyes.

For some reason, I found her description of Wolfie the cutest thing I’ve ever heard a kid say, and I still do. So, in tribute to my creative, gorgeous, and hilarious niece, this place is called The Spotted Cat. I’m reserving the longer name for something else, and no, you can’t have it. Here is Wolfie, though.

As you can see, he’s one of my editors. And nothing is pickier than a big-eyed cat, especially a white one with black dots.~H

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