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Updates and Technology

We’ve made some changes around here since the Creepy McJerkface event. Thanks to Brian and his judicious application of technology, I feel a lot safer these days. If someone tries to bust into the house now, they’ll be greeted by an ear-splitting siren followed shortly by the police. We’ll even be able to provide a nice video of the miscreant shrieking and running away. My ability to sleep has greatly improved with these additions, and we’ll be able to take it all with us when we move to a neighborhood that doesn’t suck. Brian rules.

I heart Theo!

In related household technology news, our old Bunn 3-minute coffeemaker died a horrid, gurgling death right before Christmas. We limped along with my 1960s avocado-green percolator for about a week before ordering our new coffeemaker, which is my current favorite Kitchen Thing. It reminds me of Buck Rogers, so I’ve named it Theo, short for Dr. Theopolis. I’m kind of in love with it. Theo matches my mixer and food processor, saves us quite a lot of precious counter space, and beeps adorably. I’ve taken to setting up the coffee every night (for morning auto brew!) and I enjoy it. Brian rules again because he found Theo, put it in a lineup, and let me pick.

And in yet more technology news, we watched the Microsoft presentation for the upcoming Windows 10 last week. Both of us have a professional interest in this stuff because so much of our work revolves around Microsoft applications, but we probably would have watched it regardless just to see where the technology is going. Where is it going? Well, to Mars, among other places. It was an impressive presentation. I was excited even before they got to the holograms, but I’m also the only person we know who liked Windows 8 when it was released. Good integration makes me happy, so my next phone will probably be of the Windows variety (sorry, Google).

That’s about it for the technology news, at least in our household. There are tons of things I want, like a Fitbit Surge, but until I crank in some more dough or convince companies to send me things to review, they won’t make the “news” category.

I would review the ever-living heck out of a Surge, though. Truly. Food for thought, Fitbit. Food for thooooought.

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