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Featured Image: Taxes by John Morgan (via Flickr)

Despite the three cups of coffee swirling around my system this morning, I’m so tired I could faceplant into my keyboard. We’re talking full-on headdesk contact. With extra bruising. Normally I’m not this gassed before lunch, but we’ve had a lot going on lately. Here’s a mishmash of current events in the world of Orks and Cats.

Blech. To save money this year, I decided to do my taxes myself. I deeply, bitterly regret this decision and might go over to my accountant’s office later to beg for forgiveness. Next year I’ll retain my senses and let them save me from myself and the hell of small business deductions. Avoiding the mental fatigue and soul-crushing doubt is worth the fee. So worth it.

Big mistake. Huge.
Big mistake. Huge.

New Hair
I finally decided to go for the haircut I’ve been wanting for years: The Carol. My appointment is set for tomorrow morning and I’m excited for the change. I’ll post pictures regardless of how it turns out, but I’m pretty optimistic about its suitability for my weirdly shaped head. Stay tuned!

So badass!
So badass!

Brian posts about our veggies as they grow, so I’ll be posting soon to update our flower status. We’ve actually had some decent rainfall so far this season, so our plants are happy and thriving. Several surprises have reappeared from last year’s plants that we weren’t expecting to overwinter, and they look amazing. I credit Brian’s green thumb and judicious use of mulch.

Surprise daffodil!
Surprise daffodil!

Early Rising
I’ve continued to work on this goal from February. Weekdays usually work out pretty well thanks to having to roll my carcass out of bed to turn off the alarm. Weekends are still a work in progress because even coffee can’t move me when I’m warm and comfy and have nowhere to be. This week we’re working on going from 5:45 to 5:00 a.m. So far I have managed to get up and hit the alarm, but I’m still snoozing till six-ish. That habit should get better when I’m not so brain-drained from tax computations.

On the Horizon
I’ve got another iron in the fire as well, but I’ll wait to tell you about until it’s finalized. A girl has to have some mysteries (and I don’t want to jinx it)! How’s your week going? Let us know in the comments!

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