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The Challenge

Well, I’ve gone and put my foot in in it now. My new favorite forum community at Nerd Fitness has started another Six-Week Challenge, and being a newbie around there, I went all in. Stating specific goals, for which people will hold you accountable, rather increases one’s ability to stick to a game plan. I’m really excited to do this. It’s like playing an MMO, but with tangible rewards and no Butt Creep!*

Here are my current goals, which lead to my main goal of fitting comfortably into my jeans the next size down.
—Continue the strength training program three days per week.
—Transition from rack pulls to full deadlifts.
—Ride 60 miles on the bike.
—Post to this blog at least once per week.

Bad. Ass.

I still need to put together the grading system to quantify how well I do at the end of the six weeks, but this is a good start.

Part of the challenge is also to state your motivation for undertaking it. Mine is simple. I want to keep improving my life balance, because the healthier I get, the more I accomplish and the happier I become. Also, I want to look like a badass. Think Linda Hamilton in Terminator 2. Bad. Ass. Muscle definition rocks.

So, that’s what I’m up to lately in addition to work projects. I’ll update you guys here as things move along and as the spirit moves me. If you’re working on a challenge or have questions about mine, let us know in the comments. Let’s keep it moving, folks!

*You know, Butt Creep: when you sit at the computer so long your butt begins to creep toward the edges as it grows to fit the chair. I might have just made that up.

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