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See the Incredible Shrinking Man!

Below is a cut and paste of my first forum post on MFP, made as I approached my 6 month mark with the site and community. I have come to realize that while I may well be able to do this on my own (with H’s support, of course), why should I? We don’t live in bubbles- our lives create ripples that shape and guide those around us, as we are shaped and guided by them.So I decided to post and see if I could make some ripples.I  then decided this morning that a proper narrative to keep track of my progress would be useful later, even if only to remember the journey when I look back. I wish I’d noted things down earlier, but we’re still early enough on that not too much has been lost.I can’t promise it will be entertaining, or frankly, even worth your time.. but it feels important for me to do it, so I am going to.

When I’m at goal and feel like a new man, I don’t ever want to lose sight the man who started the journey.

Hello, fellow MFP’ers!
I began my journey to get down to a healthy weight a couple of years ago. I was kind of watching what I ate, but that time was really about starting the long process of becoming mentally ready to REALLY change my life. My wife was going through the process with me. She really is the driving force behind a lot of this, and she’s a MFP’er as well (H4rpy.)
Well, after a while, I’d lost about 50 pounds, going from a monolithic 475 pounds down to 425, but I was stuck there and going nowhere fast. H was also stalled out, and one morning, we were both ready to get serious. We joined MFP in March ’13 and never looked back. We got used to measuring our portions, and controlling what we ate instead of it controlling us, and 3 months later (now June ’13,) we joined a gym.
I’d spent a fair amount of time in weight training in college, so as we got used to going to the gym together, we ended up on a lifting program that we both like and works well with our schedule.
I was hopeful I’d be able to say I’d lost a hundred pounds by my birthday (Sept 22nd), and much to my surprise, I blew through that goal about two weeks ago. I’m elated about that, but also very aware of the fact that I still have somewhere around 150-175 pounds still to go, and that it’s going to get harder with each pound lost. That’s where the MFP community comes in!
I like to think I have good willpower and I won’t falter between now and when I get to my goal. I know my wife will do everything she can to keep me motivated and encouraged, just like I will to her.
I want insurance! I want some more MFP friends to keep me honest and keep me on track as these coming weeks turn to months, and the months to year(s) to get me to my goal, and then to maintain it once I get there.
So if you want a MFP friend to share in your victories and help lift you through your setbacks, or if you just want to watch and see if a quarter-ton man can become a 200lb man the long, hard, slow way… send a request! I’d love to hear from you all. :)

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