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Ride Report 2

Welcome back to the Ride Report! We didn’t have one last week because I was working overtime and didn’t have enough cranial power left for blog posts, but we also didn’t ride last week due to said overtime and crazy weather. Our training was cut short this week as well; Brian’s bike had a mechanical issue and caused him a gnarly wreck on his way to work Tuesday morning. He was pretty banged up and needed some time to recover, but we did get in a good, challenging ride yesterday morning because he’s such a boss. Here are the ride details.



Temperature: 74 degrees
Wind Speeds: 6-10 mph
Humidity: 73% (Officially Ridiculous)
Ride Status: 9 miles completed with one stop at 6.2 miles for a drink break

My endurance is still getting better, as is my ability to stay in the saddle longer (i.e., my butt is getting tougher). The next thing I need to work on is learning to drink while we’re moving. The bottle I have isn’t very good for that and I’m still less than comfortable riding with only one hand on the bars. We can’t stop every time I need a drink, so that’s the new goal.

In other news, I finally got a real cycling jersey. REI was having a close-out sale and I found one I liked, so yoink!

You have to love a brand called Shebeest, come on.
You have to love a brand called Shebeest, come on.

It’s pretty, it protects me from sunburn, it has pocketses, and it keeps me way cooler than I would have thought possible. Winner winner, chicken dinner.

Speaking of dinner, we’re also doing well on the cooking front I mentioned previously. Brian has been helping me because he’s awesome, so we only went out for food once last week. The scale reflects it and that’s good motivation to keep going.

How are you guys doing on the exercise/food front? Any new goals or progress to report? Have a great week and check in when you can!

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    1. Thanks, Crabby! Keep it up, sounds like you’ve been kicking all the butts! Some days are better than others here, especially on the food front, but overall it’s going well.

      And thanks for stopping by. I’ve been a complete lame-o-tron about commenting and replying, gotta get back off my digital tuckus. :-)

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