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After last week’s post I made an executive decision to round up the ride reports and plop them into the Sunday verbings so my friends won’t disown me. We ride three days a week, so here are the reports from our most recent outings.

Temperature: 90 degrees
Wind Speeds: 15-20 mph
Humidity: 45% (Blargh)
Ride Status: 7.9 interval miles completed on stationary bike due to threatening weather making an outdoor ride no bueno

Temperature: 94 degrees
Wind Speeds: 10-18 mph
Humidity: 52% (Dry Heave)
Ride Status: 9 miles completed with one short drink break at 5.2 miles

Temperature: 80 degrees
Wind Speeds: 7-14 mph
Humidity: 70% (SRSLY?!)
Ride Status: 9 miles completed with one stop due to mechanical issues

My endurance is improving, especially in windy and humid conditions, so I feel like we’ll be in pretty good shape for the big ride next month.

In other progress news, now that the exercise routine is successfully reintegrated it’s time to focus on the cooking routine. Going back to an office-commute work situation during the week has worn me out, which means I’ve felt like cooking precisely zero lately. My focus is now on making it easier to cook so I’m less tempted to whine for burgers.

I’ll let you know how the cooking thing goes along with next week’s Ride Report. Everybody stay cool and hydrated!

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