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KPotD #127: Improved Snugs

We’ve had a busy day with work and getting ready for our upcoming Indycar fun, but the feline brothers did manage to fit in some brotherly snugs. Check out this cuteness.

Stan was threatening me if I took a picture. I took three. Send help.

You can see how much Oscar has grown in this picture; he actually looks like a normal cat now next to Stan. That and the size of his feet give me hope that he’ll be a mini-moose like his brothers, so we’ll have a small herd of chungi in our house. Pet goals, man.

In the meantime, we’re winding down now for another full day of prep tomorrow. Little guy still sleeps across my collarbones every night and I’m starting to think he’s going to continue it into adulthood. This is totally okay by me. <3

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