KPotD #126: Feigned Innocence

Oscar has been ridiculously cute today, snuggling and chirping at me whenever he hasn’t seen me for more than ten seconds. We made an unscheduled trip to pick up some supplies this evening and he was so happy to see us return that he sat on my feet while I cooked dinner. My heart popped from the cute, so I was unable to get pics. I’ll try to if he does that again.

After dinner, he decided his brother needed to be stalked across the living room. I thought that would be a great opportunity for some action shots! Nope. He sat his little butt down and tried to look innocent.

He’s sitting next to a stuffed bunny and duckie pair while being extra fuzzy himself. He’s trying to look innocent, but we know better.

Stan was above him on the pass-through, so he decided to look sweetly off towards the dog (who he later slapped because reasons). I think we’re in for it tonight.

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