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KPotD #121: Sweet Brother

Poor Oscar has somehow torn one of his foot pads, so he and I are off to the vet first thing in the morning. He’s still rampaging as well as he can, but he’s limping pitifully and resting more than usual, which is understandable. Being the excellent brother he is, Stan has been comforting the little guy.

WARNING: Weapons-grade cute included below. View at your own risk.

All I can say is hnnnnnnnnnnnng, so cute I’m gonna die!

This is a new level of adorable. Stan has both feet wrapped around Oscar and is resting his head on his little shoulder. Both of them are butt-snugging my Easter bunny. My heart has popped and I don’t even care that they’ve stolen my chair.

Hopefully the vet will get him all squared away in the morning so he can heal up quickly and return to his usual rampages. In the meantime, I think Stan has him covered in the comfort snugs department. What a good brother.

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