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KPotD #119: Cray Station Spying

True to form, Oscar has spent a large chunk of the afternoon and evening in the Cray Station. It’s been a big sleep session interspersed with occasional murder breaks (RIP pom pom), but I did catch him waking up just before dinner. He was spying on Udo to see if he needed to pop down and slap that dog on the noggin.

Look at those long toes! I swear his feet are starting to outgrow his bod.

He definitely fills out the hammock much more than he did when he first played in it, but I’m not too worried about him outgrowing his Cray Station. Stan still fits in there for the most part: all 20 pounds of him. Oscar should be able to make use of it until he manages to take it apart.

Oh, and he refrained from slapping the dog on the noggin. This time.

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