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KPotD #36: Water Bites

Nutter has always been a bit weird about water. When he was young, he sat in the sink a lot (still does occasionally) and even got in the shower when it was running if I left the door open wide enough. He’s less inclined to get completely soaked now, but he still loves to play with running water. Specifically, he loves to bite it.

Every morning, we have to turn the filtered water on to just a dribble so he can chomp it and get his morning drink. We refer to this as “water bites,” and today he taught Oscar how to do it. Behold the ridiculous cuteness I encountered while putting chili together in the crock pot.

Grandpa Nutter teaching the new kid how it’s done.

I’ve been so proud of Nutter for how calm and welcoming he’s been to Oscar, but this was an unexpected squee. My heart is full. <3

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