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KPotD #35: A Bigger Boat

Things are progressing well on the snuggles front. Oscar has snugged up with both Nutter and Stan now, and he’s even started hanging out closer to Udo. We predict snugs there too if Udo will let him, but the dog is understandably paranoid. Stan trained him well to beware a kitten sniffing his toe floof because pointy doom was certain to follow. Oscar is less aggressive, but a good-natured Rottie can never be too careful.

Tonight saw a new breakthrough in Oscar snugging up to Stan without instigating a wrestling match first. Stan is still tired from his slow recovery, so he allowed the contact without protest. Cuteness ensued, but if Oscar grows much more we’re going to need a bigger boat… er, recliner.

“ILU brother!”

We’re thrilled with how well everyone is integrating, especially now that Stan is getting well. We predict cuddle puddles within the month!

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