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CPotD #383: Cold Plunge

After a fitful night, we got up and took the plunge. The Grand Adventure of our lives began, punctuated by the soft purr of three cats who spent their last night at home splashed across us like furry paint, loving and doting in their inscrutable, mysterious way.

The drive out was cold, windy, and snowy, but we had no problems. The cats did amazingly well. Oscar sung from Heather’s lap for an hour at the start, and the other two just chilled in their cages quietly in the back seat the whole time. The dog punched us for pretzels and dozed away the day as he does.

We got to New Mexico and holed up in our camp site just as a severe thunderstorm blew in and pelted us with graupel (think soft, squishy hail that doesn’t hurt). Just after that finished, the winds began and quickly ramped up to 55mph. Within an hour, the wind chill was -25F. The camper felt like it was going to blow over, and we began to wonder if we would have to hole up for a couple of days to endure the polar vortex, which would throw our moving schedule into disarray.

There was nothing to do but sit, eat pizza, and wait. Oscar and Udo were very happy to assist with the eating part.

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