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CPotD #382: Goodbye, Duncan

Our last night at our home in Duncan was almost identical to our first night there. We had next to nothing with us. We sat in a pair of beat up old camping chairs and ate pizza for dinner. (To be honest, our first meal was Mac and Cheese though.) We stared at The Cat’s laptop and watched some stuff and tried to come to grips with the whirl of happiness, sadness, and anxiety about the upcoming trip and new adventures that were all of 12 hours away. Somebody cried. It was awesome.

We got up to walk around and see the house at night one last time before we went to bed, and the cats cast their votes to remain. We found Stanley and Kewpie curled up together in Heather’s chair, being cute and refusing to let her have her blanket.

We eventually went to bed and didn’t really sleep. Neither of us really had in months, anyway. It was about to begin.

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