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CPotD #384: To California with a Kitten on My Knee

Our night in New Mexico would best be described as a Rob Zombie album. It was loud, everything shook, and we weren’t sure we’d survive. I should note, we both love Rob Zombie, but we didn’t love our night in the camper in 55 MPH winds during a blizzard. It was also bitterly cold, as I slept against the wall, under metal window frames that bled every bit of heat out of the area, including me.

My watch claims I got 40 minutes of sleep that night, and I think it is drastically overestimating that total. Around 6AM, we got up and decided to warm up with a cup of coffee. Over the next four hours, the wind blew and rocked and we hemmed and hawed about whether we should try to get out of New Mexico, or hole up and risk being stuck for anywhere from one to seven days. At 10AM, the winds suddenly died back to 40 MPH, so we locked everything down and bolted.

We got snarled up for a couple of hours due to a pile up on I-40, but the drive itself was uneventful. We caught a glorious sunset as we threaded Flagstaff, then arrived late at night in Needles, on the California/Arizona border.

The whole family is actually here. Oscar is in Heather’s lap, Stan and Kewpie are in stacked cages behind her. You can figure out who the two hairy ones are.

After a thousand miles and no sleep, dropping the camper at Needles was a relief. We ate the last couple of slices of our Duncan pizza and bedded down. Tomorrow we’d get to our new home.

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