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CPotD #014: Senior Bench Press Kitty

I got a floofy surprise during my morning workout today. Usually, Bench Press Kitty is Oscar. Stan has also been known to hop on the bench to see what I’m doing. But this time it was Nutter, and he decided my stomach was a great spot from which to spectate while I bench pressed.

He had settled in for the long haul and was happily kneading my rib cage. I was trapped by the sheer cuteness of it all until Udo distracted him by barking at a cloud. Before this he had been surveying his domain from the top of the fridge. He’s a feisty old man these days!

Side note: yes, I know that ceiling fan is awful and yes, we are going to replace it. We just haven’t gotten around to it yet because it’s going to be an unholy pain.

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