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CPotD #014: Senior Bench Press Kitty

I got a floofy surprise during my morning workout today. Usually, Bench Press Kitty is Oscar. Stan has also been known to hop on the bench to see what I’m doing. But this time it was Nutter, and he decided my stomach was a great spot from which to spectate while I bench pressed. He […]

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CPotD #013: Senior Floof

We had a visit from some plumbers this morning because the piping under our kitchen sink decided to fail spectacularly Friday night. They did a great job, but Nutter had to inspect the work. Nutter approves since it means he can once again get water bites, which are very important to his old grumpy self. […]

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CPotD #001: Critter Post of the Day

Welcome to the all new (not really) Critter Post of the Day! I’ve enjoyed chronicling Oscar’s first year with us so much I’ve decided to continue the journey and post more of his brothers as well. For today’s inaugural post, here is our oldest, Nutterbutter, assisting me with my workout this morning. He’ll be 14 […]

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