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Fun with Outlines

Originally posted by Heather Lee on February 4, 2013. Last week I read a great post by Aaron Hamburger on reverse outlining. We all know the outline process isn’t always as helpful as it should be; outside of a thesis or a proposal, trying to force an idea into an orderly skeleton can require a jumbo mental shoehorn. Fortunately […]

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Change is Fun. No, Really!

Originally ​​Posted by Heather Lee on January 7, 2013 ​ Many people don’t like change, and I’m right there with them in many cases (how dare you update my favorite 70s-style mall?!). However, when it comes to technology, I love change. Changes to the technology I use to do my work are especially fun.  […]

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Formats and Frameworks

Originally Posted by Heather Lee on December 3, 2012 ​ As my friends know, starting a new project that needs an original document format or template is like going to an amusement park for me. Both activities require planning, which is half the fun, but format design doesn’t require Dramamine. You can probably guess which […]

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Just Imagine

Originally Posted by Heather Lee on October 21, 2012 ​ When I was a little Minion in Training, one of my favorite playtime activities was putting together organizations for my sister and myself. Yes, I said organizations. Businesses, clubs, teams, even mini-armies crossed my notepads all through elementary school. We’d come up with mottos, marching […]

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Welcome to the Pool

Originally Posted by Heather Lee on October 21, 2012 ​ What do Douglas Adams’ The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy and swimming have in common? Both require a towel and the following directive:  “Don’t panic.”  Among all of the entertaining lines in that book, that one has stuck with me since I first read […]