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Attitude = Win

Originally Posted by Heather Lee on October 21, 2012
I work a lot with AJ over at Four Points Proposal Services, and our customers have often commented on our unusually positive attitudes when it comes to our work (and in AJ’s case, life in general). We have several reasons for being so disgustingly sunny. 
  • We love what we do.
  • We think happiness is important for us and our customers.
  • We are confident in our ability to produce great work.

This combination boils down to attitude, and it defines our organizations as we work to stand up our companies. I’ll briefly explain our views on each aspect.

Loving our work. Although we have very different backgrounds, AJ and I landed in this business because we love to learn and we’re not afraid to try something new. Over time, we’ve carved niches for ourselves in proposal work. She loves SME discovery, graphics coordination, and compliance matrices. I love crafting document templates, past performance volumes, and proposal outlines. We feel that truly enjoying your work is the best way to be successful…so we do.

Sharing happiness. We keep ourselves happy by finding work we enjoy and then excelling at it. This excellence in turn keeps our customers happy. In our experience, business relationships are most beneficial when all parties are more than just baseline satisfied, so we aim for the best possible results on every project we take. We honestly want our customers to benefit from the work we do for them.

Being confident. Our confidence comes from experience and results.

In the end, there are many ways to win. Find the one that makes you happy, and you’ve won twice.

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